Get a head start at WSU. In-person courses for Summer Advantage!

Summer Advantage

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Summer Advantage is an opportunity to adjust gradually to the new academic demands of college life through tailored programming, peer and professional support, and planned recreational activities. Become familiar with the WSU Pullman campus and learn the best techniques for academic achievement through time management, study skills, and leadership workshops.

Here are a few of the perks of attending Summer Advantage:                 

  • Earn up to 8 college credits in only 5 weeks. Attend Summer Advantage Courses in person, with your fellow Cougs.   
  • Fulfill University Common Requirements [UCORE]                 
  • Discover campus resources and participate in organized activities
  • Experience what it’s like to live and eat on campus                 
  • Have fun on weekend excursions with your new Summer Advantage friends  

Who Should Take Summer Advantage?

Summer Advantage is a program for admitted first-year students. If you have been accepted to attend Washington State University and would like to get an early start on your college career, think about attending Summer Advantage. The resources, knowledge, and connections made are priceless for an incoming first-year student.

Senior year is hard with SATs, school dances, and graduation. So it may be hard for some incoming freshmen to consider not working or relaxing before starting WSU. As a parent whose cougar started WSU Summer Advantage only five days after graduation, I can tell you it was worth it. My daughter’s transition into college life couldn’t have been any better. She learned studying tips, the campus, local restaurants, and made amazing friends in the 5 weeks she participated in the program. As parents, moving in early helped us move her in the dorms, learn, learn about campus security, summer storage, etc. The Summer Advantage staff was always amazing!

— Trinity, parent of a Summer Advantage student