Traditional Student Summer Advantage Fees

Washington state residents and non-residents pay the same amount per credit during the summer.

Tuition and fees:

  • Will be posted to your myWSU account.
  • Must be paid by the first day of classes.
  • vary by number of credits.

Summer 2022 Fees





$3,228 (summer 2021 cost; 2022 coming soon)

Washington State University tuition for summer 2021 is $538 per credit.  Students are allowed to take up to eight credits during Summer Advantage. 

Traditional Student Housing

$1,568 (single room) / $1,244 (double room)

Room rates fof June 24-July 30, 2022.

Dining Plan


Breakfast, lunch and dinner at WSU dining center, Southside Café.  Most weekend meals will be on students' own.  One meal will be provided on weekends. Staff will provide support for transportation to the grocery store and information about local restaurants with delivery service.   

Program Fee


This fee allows us to hire our wonderful staff, and includes fun activities that follow state guidelines, help students feel more at home at WSU and have FUN! 

Pullman Campus Mandatory Fee


This fee covers Student Recreation Center use, CUB Fee, Health & Wellness, Chinook Fee, and a Technology Fee of $2 per credit.

*WSU Student Athletes: Unless you are a walk-on athlete, all fees associated with this program will be covered by WSU Athletics. Please contact Wanda Tennant at or 509-335-4133 if you have any questions. 

Cancellations and Refunds

To cancel your enrollment for Summer Advantage, you must submit your cancellation in writing to The cancellation policies are below:

  1. Summer Advantage Cancellation Policy
    1. Program Fee: To receive a 100% refund of the Program Fee, your cancellation email must get to us no later than May 1. 50% refunds available prior to June 1. No refunds will be given after June 1.
    2. Summer Advantage Housing/Dining: All cancellations after June 1 will be charged $8 for each day of the program, or $296.
  2. Washington State University Term Withdrawal Refund Policy
    To receive a 100% refund for your tuition and student fees, you must drop your courses prior to the drop deadline. For Summer Advantage, the Drop Deadline is July 1st. If you drop AFTER the deadline, you will not receive a refund.


Books and Supplies

Books are not included in the above cost. Students will be guided on how to purchase books for Summer Advantage prior to the start of class. Information about the required textbooks for the course will be included in the confirmation email sent out to students upon registration.

Transportation and Miscellaneous Expenses

Transportation expenses also depend on the student.

Typically, Summer Advantage students do not travel home on the weekends because of the short duration of the program.

The local bus is free to WSU students who show their WSU ID and allows for easy travel into town and around WSU.

Many students choose to enjoy the summer weather and walk to the numerous local businesses and restaurants near campus. Thus, transportation costs should be minimal.

Miscellaneous expenses for toiletries, school supplies, movie rentals, late night pizza delivery, etc., will vary depending on individual lifestyles.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid may be available for eligible students taking 6 or more credits. Please note: you will be responsible for paying all the tuition and program fees regardless of financial aid you receive. Failure to pay will result in a hold on your account and the inability to register for classes.

For more information, visit:

Student Financial Services—Summer Aid
Lighty 380